Individual Counseling

Clients may receive individual therapy. We offer counseling for a broad array of problems, from stress reduction and adjustment issues to depression, substance abuse and domestic violence. The diverse experience and expertise of our providers allows us to match each client with an appropriate therapist. There is no limit to the number of sessions.

Group Counseling

Some adolescents may benefit from the support provided by an ongoing therapy group. Groups are under the direction of an experienced counselor. They provide interpersonal experience and feedback in a safe, structured setting, identifying and reinforcing the strengths that each member brings.

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Family Counseling

Studies show that parents and other family members have a profound effect on teenagers’ attitudes and behaviors. The entire family may be affected by issues such as depression, anger and mood swings, sibling rivalry—even substance abuse and eating disorders. A therapist who specializes in treating adolescents and their families provides insight and specific interpersonal skills that can help.

services boyWe bridge the gap between crisis and covered care so kids can get help when they need it most.